Sunday, May 17, 2009

Persistence Is Important

My mother told me that I should never give up, and I should keep trying until I succeed. I learned that I could apply this in all areas of my life. It doesn’t matter if I’m in school, church, working or at home, I need to aim high.

When I was in high school, algebra seemed especially difficult. I didn’t like the class and couldn’t see any reason why I had to learn it because I was sure it wasn’t anything I’d ever need to know. Many times, I heard, “If it’s worth doing, you should do it right and never give up.” I didn’t dare quit or I would have been a big disappointment to her. I also have never used algebra since I finished the class, but at least I’m not a quitter.

She pushed me in learning to type and encouraged me to try harder, and to type faster. She was determined that by the time I was out of high school I would have office skills so I also enrolled in shorthand and accounting.

I know that no matter what I do, I haveto do it well, and I can never quit. Persistence is important.

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