Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Mom and Dad Taught Me To Dance

After I was old enough for mutual, the bishop called my parents to be dance directors. They were the best. Every week they would be there to teach us new dances. At first, some of the kids rebelled, but soon they found it was fun. We didn’t always have to hold each other’s hands and dance a waltz. We learned round dances, polkas, and even square dances. Soon kids from across town were joining our fun dance nights.

At home, my parents practiced the dances, and they practices teaching by having my brother and I learn the dances. They wanted us kids to have fun and learn to dance. After we learned the basic stuff, they taught us harder things such as the Tango. Now that some of the boys had learned to dance, school dances weren’t so bad.

I’ll always remember the night that my brother and I were able to go to Salt Lake to dance at the U of U football stadium for The All Church Dance Festival. It was a wonderful experience to mingle with all those other people from all over the world. We all knew the same dances, and we all danced in unison. I’m grateful that my parents cared enough to teach us dancing.

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Rachelle Christensen said...

This is definitely a lost art and I think you're lucky to have been able to enjoy this. Nowadays nobody knows how to dance.
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