Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother Encouraged and Supported Me

As a young child, while living in Orem, I was encouraged to develop my musical talents. My parents enrolled me in private lessons with a violin teacher Mr. Childs. He lived on the other end of town, which was a long ways away from us. Sometimes my parents drove me there and sometimes I rode the bus. I took lessons from him for a couple of years, and then our family moved to Spanish Fork.

There I joined the school orchestra. My parents never missed coming to any of our concerts although I’ve often wondered how they could endure liestening to us, because I thought we sounded awful. As the years passed and I started high school, the quality of the concerts did improve. It was encouraging to look out and see my mother’s face watching me as I prepared to play.

My parents enrolled me in dance classes and encouraged me to participate in school and church functions. Because of their support, I often participate in various activities. I can honestly say that whenever I committed to act in a play, dance, sing a solo or play a violin number my parents were always there watching me.

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Karen E. Hoover said...

That's such an important thing for mothers to do. I'm glad you had that.