Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mom Is A Perfectionist

Once again, her example has taught me well. We just aren’t perfectionist in the same things. As you can tell from other blogs, she is a talented seamstress. I’m sure there was never a bride that was more proud of her wedding dress than I was. Every stitch, whether by machine or hand, was perfect. I’m going to include a picture so you can almost see the care she took as she created this piece of art.

I knew if my mom made my wedding dress it wouldn’t be plain looking, she would add plenty of sparkle. She included tiny buttons and lace to the sleeves as well as on the bodice, and took extra care to make sure the collar stood up just right. I felt like a queen in this dress.

She taught me that if I was going to do something, I should do it right. She didn’t just say this to me, she showed me by example. She was never successful in trying to teach me to sew. The harder she tried, the more I hated the very idea of sewing. There are many times I find myself trying to achieve perfection because of her example. She pushed me to aim high, and because of this, I don’t settle for just anything in life. I try for the best.

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