Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mom Serves Others

My mother was on the National Board of the Daughter’s of Utah Pioneer’s for 17 years. She attended and was in charge of many conventions. When she had to go out of state, I sometimes went with her so she wasn’t driving alone.

She then served as the assistant historian for four years and then as historian for ten years at the DUP Building in Salt Lake City. Next, she again served as assistant historian for several more years. During this time, she worked a couple of days each week helping other people locate pioneer histories.

She has been on the Days of ’47 committee for over 40 years. For several years, my sisters and I have helped her with her obligations by serving on her committee. She attends meetings every month and always gives her support to all the Pioneer Celebration events going on every July.

I can’t begin to add up the hours she helped these two organizations. She never received any pay for the time spent doing this service. It’s her way of helping the community, and paying tribute to the pioneers. She loves helping, and always does her best.

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