Saturday, April 9, 2011


Give me anything historical and I'm happy. I write historical fiction, and I read historical fiction. As I drive back and forth to work I listen to historical books on tape. Some of them are fiction and some are facts.

I love museums where you can stroll for hours looking at things from the past. I don't think that means I live in the past, it just means that I treasure things from long ago.

I have a great appreciation for my ancestors and the things they did to get me to where I am. I will always honor those who came on the Mayflower, as well as those who went to Virginia. The Hugenots have always fascinated me and I will always appreciate those ancestors who came here for the freedom to worship. Of course, that means I also appreciate the Mormon pioneers who sacrificed a lot to come to the valley I now live in.I often wonder if I would have had the courage my ancestors did. They all gave up so much so that I could live in a free country.

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