Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Stranger She Married, is an excellent mystery and romance story. One by one, it seems that someone is out to kill Alicia’s entire family. One evening she escapes a fire, and another night kidnappers try to snatch her. This well written book, by Donna Hatch, will keep you turning pages to see what will happen next.

Although I thought this book was good, there are several bedroom scenes that some Latter-day Saints or others may find objectionable, and that I would have preferred she had left out of the book. Other than a few paragraphs this is a great book, and one that every mystery and romance reader will love.


Donna Hatch said...

Hi LaRene, I'm glad you liked my book! You're the first person to have accused me to have been too racy -- one book reviewer said just the opposite. Oh, well can't please them all. Still, I'm really glad you found it entertaining overall.
Book Two, the Guise of a Gentleman, which is about Cole's brother Jared, the pirate, will be out April 16th. I hope you like it.

Anne said...

I read this book and I thought it was great. I don't remember any bedroom scenes, just a couple of kissing scenes that made my heart beat fast, but there was nothing that made me blush. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance, or who likes mystery, or a historical novel.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Thanks for the review. I appreciate any reviewer that mentions if there are scenes some might find objectionable.

I try to do the same when I give reviews--most readers don't view it as a criticism of the author or the book, but are appreciative of it as a helpful piece of info.