Monday, March 8, 2010

LDS Ghost Story

I purchased the book, Haven Haunts, from the author, Joan Sowards, while I was in Arizona. It's about a young single woman, Callie Wilford, who inherits a century-old inn in southern Arizona. She doesn't believe there is a ghost although several people tell her that one guards the inn that she wants to turn into a bed and breakfast. She meets a handsome cowboy and a charming rancher, and soon finds her heart in danger.

This book captured my attention from the first page and held it until the very end. Joan has a unique way of combining the supernatural with suspense. There was plenty of mystery, and romance. Just when I thought I knew what would happen next, she did an amazing twist throwing me in a different direction. If you love a good mystery and romance this is the book for you.


Cindy (C.L.) Beck, author of "Mormon Mishaps and Mischief" said...

Okay, I've got to win this book. Or buy it! Or maybe even steal it. I don't care how, I have to have it!

Well, okay, maybe stealing is out, but otherwise ... :)

Joan Sowards said...

Thank you for reading Haunts Haven and giving it a great review! It was fun meeting you at the ANWA conference.