Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Mormon Mommy Writers is holding a big party all the month of January to celebrate their three years in the blogging business.

Check them out every day to see what they're giving away. It will be loads of fun! They've got signed books from authors like Tristi Pinkston, Josi Kilpack, Stephanie Black, Lisa Mangum and more. It's prizes and prizes galore!


TODAY THE BIG PRIZE IS - a book by Michele Ashman Bell "The Perfect Fit".

I really don't want anyone else to enter because I would like to claim the prize as my own, but since this is one of the ways to get an entry I'll do as I'm asked.

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Amber Lynae said...

Connie go check out the Winner's Circle on Mormon Mommy Writers!!! There is some good news waiting on you.