Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Having a Contest

I just finished reading a book review by Rachelle called Illuminations of the Heart by Joyce DiPastena. After reading Joyce's last book, I'm anxious to get this one. Rachelle is having a contest on her blog at If I don't win this book, I'm planning on buying it because it's one that is on my list to read.

I'm also going to have a contest for someone to read Joyce's other book Loyalty's Web that I reviewed. I didn't want to give up my copy, but then decided I was being a little bit selfish and that I should pass it on to someone deserving and anxious to read the wonderful story. To win this contest you need to become a follower of my blog and give me one good reason why you, instead of someone else, should win the book.

This contest ends August 22, 2009. Be sure to check back and see if you won! I will announce the winner on August 25. Anonymous comments are not eligible, you must leave your name, how else will I know who you are. If you win, email me: with your mailing address by the end of August, or another winner will be selected.
Good luck!


Nichole Giles said...

Great idea, Connie! I'm reading "Illuminations of the heart" right now. I already have a copy of "Loyalty's Web," so I don't need to be entered in the contest but it sounds great.

Have fun.


Cheri Chesley said...

I'd love to be entered in the contest. This sounds just like something I would read. What makes me most deserving to win, do you ask? I'll tell you. It's quite simply this: I AM OUT OF THINGS TO READ!! I run a day care in my home and haven't been out since LDStorymakers (it seems like) and I've read all the great books I picked up there :)

Rachelle Christensen said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest Connie. I don't have a copy of Loyalty's Web--is that a good enough reason to win? :)I'm a follower too!
I'm sure you'll love reading Illuminations. :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

I'm a follower. As for the reason I should win: Once long ago, in a galaxy far away, you and I were twins, separated at birth.

And you wouldn't deny your twin sister the opportunity to read the same book you read, would you? :)

Cindy Beck, author said...
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Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

I'm a follower. Thanks, Connie. Also, I "deserve" a copy of "Illuminations of the Heart" because my sister loved "Loyalty's Web" so much she read it 3 times within a month, and I'd like to give it to her as a gift. This is a good idea, Connie.

C. LaRene Hall said...

A few of you may realize that I had a problem last week with some of my comments going away. I'm going to post one of those now -
From Bonnie - I would love the book because one it looks absolutely wonderful! Two, I am addicted to reading and am always looking for new books to add to my book shelf. Three, I am working on becoming a published author myself and I love to see how other people write. Thanks for much! Bonnie