Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day in Yellowstone

I guess I should tell you about our first day in Yellowstone National Park. After we saw the Firehole Fall’s we stopped at all the geyser and pool sights along the way to Old Faithful.

Clepsydra Geyser

Midway Geyser Basin

Turquois Pool

These are only a few of the things we saw. After checking into the Inn there was still plenty of time to sightsee, except it was raining and it didn’t appear that it would stop anytime soon. After eating we visited the souvenir shop, and that was the end of day one.

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Jim Macdonald said...

Saw your blog on my daily journey through the blogosphere compiling news for the Yellowstone Newspaper.

Just wanted to correct the label on one of your pictures; what you label as Clepsydra Geyser is actually Steamboat Geyser from the Norris Geyser Basin. Clepsydra is in the Lower Geyser Basin; it's the one that's always erupting. Steamboat, pictured in your post, is the world's largest geyser. I actually had the amazing fortune to see a major eruption of it in May 2005.

Thanks for sharing,