Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Athena is the fourth book in a series about a group of women who join a book club in Newport Beach, California. They each join the book club for different reasons, and each come from a different cultural background as well as a different religion. This fourth book was written by Heather B. Moore.

You can read the books in any order or you can read just one of them, but if you only read one you are missing out on a group of great books. Since each book is written from the view point of a different person you find out how things really are with each of the women, and not just what seems to be going on in their life.  
The first book is about Olivia (41, married, four children, do-it-all homemaker who has lost her identity in serving everyone else). Next you meet Daisy (46, works full-time, in her 3rd marriage, is about to finally enjoy the empty nest when her life is turned upside down). Then you learn about Paige (25, divorced with 2 kids, looking for a new start in life and love). The fourth book is about Athena (32, single, workaholic, is afraid to open her heart to love and friendship).

Reading the Newport series has helped me take a look at my own life and my friends. As I read each story I saw each woman show true compassion to each other. None of the ladies had an easy life, they all had their own challenges. Life was not easy for any of them.
Heather wrote a delightful book and it didn't take me long to relate to Athena and her many challenges. Once a person is hurt they are reluctant to put their heart out there again. Athena had a difficult time. It isn't easy juggling demands of an ailing parent and on top of that she was running her own business.
All of the books in this series made me realize that we as women should be slow to judge because no one knows what is really going on in someone else’s life. We should treat each other with more kindness. It might be your one act of kindness that makes a difference in someone’s life.
Thank you Heather for such a wonderful story.


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