Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Signing

I had my first book signing for Mary's Spyglass on Saturday, September 8th. I had a patriotic/pirate party and sold over 50 books. There was a drawing for a free book and the winner was Kimberly Shelley. I remember talking with her at the book signing. She is the daughter of Rebecca Shelley (an author) and she herself is also a writer. There was much excitement last night when I delivered her book.

At my book signing I had many people help me and some of them dressed the part.

This is my son Brian and his girlfriend Sharon. Below is a picture of Sharon and her daughter.

My daughter Annette also dressed the part (wench). She was in charge of the food and had made a pirate ship from a watermellon. There were lots of games and everyone said how much fun they had at the party.

I am planning other book signing parties, so look for information of the upcoming events.

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