Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christ’s Gifts to Women by Heather Moore and Angela Eschler

There is no better gift that a mother could receive this mother’s day than the book, “Christ’s Gifts to Women.” There are not enough words to describe how great this book is.

At times, we as faithful Latter-day Saint women struggle to understand exactly who Christ is in our lives. We fail to comprehend the gifts He offers us as we strive to overcome the challenges we face. He has overcome the world–He has given women great gifts that empower us and help us realize we are not alone.

Heather Moore and Angela Eschler have done exactly what the book cover says. They have written a book that weaves trials faced in our day with trials faced in Biblical days–and expounded on the timeless power Christ has given women to overcome them.

 As they spoke about the gift of mercy I realized that many of us fail to forgive and forget earlier mistakes in our lives and continue to wallow in the past. That goes against everything Christ taught. We all must realize that through Him, every struggle can be for our experience and our good. After reading this book I hope that I will allow myself to feel encircled in the arms of His love, and that I will feel safe.

 These two women reminded me that sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child helping me to understand His power. Without the gift of experience how would we learn? In permitting trials He allows a greater understanding of His purposes.

 Heather and Angela reminded us in this book that the Savior has power enough to heal us all in each and every aspect of our lives, if we but reach out to Him. The gift of wholeness can belong to each of us, but the Lord has His own timetable, and we must trust that the infinite healing will come and our trial will be lifted.

The past few years I spent my time nurturing my mother, and then my husband for many months. This book helped me to realize that as I did those nurturing acts of service to them the Savior lovingly nurtured me.

 I agee with these two women, that sometimes we find ourselves too caught up in our ever-busy lives to see Him and embrace the gifts He offers. When we are stressed, worried, overwhelmed, or even filled with self-recrimination, this is the time to include Him in our lives and take comfort in His love for us. I totally agree with them that we would do well to slow down a little . . .  and truly see the things that matter most.

 Heather and Angela helped me to realize that as we strive to draw closer to Christ, He will draw closer to us, magnify our efforts, and fill us with joy and peace. They helped me recognize the incredible rewards Christ has given each of God’s precious daughters, no matter the hardships we face.


Weaver said...

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. Nice review.

kbrebes said...

Great post, Connie! The book sounds wonderful. So great to meet you at Storymaker's Conference!!