Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's Daze

My friend, Jane Isfeld Still’s “Mother’s Daze book was written to make every woman on the planet laugh--even in pregnancy when they feel like they are the size of a small apartment building and can’t see their feet. I was able to relate to this humorous book. I still remember during my last pregnancy how horrified I was when I couldn’t even see my own feet. I felt like an elephant.

This book was great and I found myself relating so many times to the stories told. I think most mothers’ will find themselves among these pages and will certainly enjoy a good laugh.

I’m sure that most of you will be looking for a gift really soon. I have a suggestion. On Mother’s Day, I honestly believe every woman deserves a good laugh, as well as some chocolate. Jane has set a goal to move 7,000 copies of Mother’s Daze out of Amazon on April 21st. Let’s everyone help her reach her target.

How can you help? Following are three easy steps of things you can do to help my friend.

Step 1: Copy and paste this email to a blank email and send it to your friends and family members. Then, put your first name, city, state or country at the bottom of the email before you hit send.

Step 2: Go to, order your personal copy of Mother’s Daze by Jane Isfeld Still, and email the receipt of purchase to *Only receipts dated April 21 will go into a drawing and will be eligible for prizes listed on her blog. *(E-mail address will not be kept)*

Step 3: Visit Jane’s blog (or it’s on my side bar under friends) push the April Contest button (beneath trim under the pictures) for more information and a list of prizes. Maybe you’ll even win my book. (Then visit her blog to see blurbs from her book)

REMEMBER, you have to do this today. Not tomorrow or next week, it has to be now.

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