Thursday, April 1, 2010

Illuminations Of The Heart

Illuminations of the Heart is a historical romantic novel by Joyce DiPastena

The will of Sirol de Calendri’s late brother directs her to go to the county of Poitou, France, where she enters the guardianship of her brother’s friend, Sir Triston de Brielle, who snatches her heart away with a kiss.

Triston carries guilt for the death of his late wife, Clothilde, and is hesitant to love again, especially since Siri looks like Clothilde. However, Siri does not act like Clothilde, because Sirol has a merry laugh and twinkling eyes.

Triston finds himself trapped between the rivalry of the king’s sons and a neighbor out for vengeance. Siri will not live in another woman’s shadow and refuses to let the man she loves cast her off.

I love the fact that Joyce tried to make this book as accurate as possible when including historical events. She even included a glossary of Medieval Terms at the back of the book. There is plenty of action, and it kept me on the edge of my seat many times. I would recommend this book to any of my friends. I know you won’t be disappointed. Illumination of the Heart is on the list of books nominated for a Whitney Award. It certainly has my vote.


Valerie Ipson said...

Joyce writes beautifully and I enjoyed both of her books.

Joyce DiPastena said...


Thank you for this lovely, kind review! You even spelled Triston's name right. A lot of people don't catch that he spells his name with an "o" and not an "a". (Triston vs. Tristan) :-)

Looking forward to seeing you at Storymakers!