Monday, March 2, 2009

Review of Brass Dragon Codex

When Rebecca asked volunteers to review the newest book in the Dragon Codex series, I immediately jumped at the chance. I went to her first book party, and definitely wanted to read the next book written by her – Rebecca Shelley (aka R.D. Henham).

Every gnome has a Life Quest, the need to create an invention, and Hector and his friend Amber are no exception. Hector’s latest invention causes lots of trouble for everyone. Shem, the human leader tells him to leave the city of Kaal and never return. During this adventure, he meets an orphaned brass dragon, many dangerous creatures in the desert, knights, dwarves, a thief, and the vicious blue dragon.

The important lesson learned in this story is that communication is important. Tumbleweed, the orphaned baby dragon is always talking. He interrupts, and never listens. Hector realizes that he is just like the dragon. He never pays attention to his friend Amber or to the dragon. Hector learned it’s no good to keep talking and never listen.

If you like dragons and gnomes, Brass Dragon Codex is a book with plenty of action. It’s part of a companion series to Mirrorstone’s Practical Guide to Dragon books. To check out Rebecca’s website go to


Rebecca Shelley said...

>Hector’s latest invention causes lots of trouble for everyone. <

You can say that again. I just don't understand why some humans have such a hard time believing my inventions will work and others just want to use them as weapons. It's crazy. But it won't stop me from inventing things. Right now I'm working on a device that will automatically translate languages. I think it might just revolutionize the world (if I can get anyone to take me seriously).

Thanks for the great review.


Rachelle Christensen said...

Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the info. :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Sounds like a cute book. And I thought it was pretty funny that Hector stopped by to comment!