Friday, October 10, 2008

Sleeping Under A Dino

When I wrote Part 1 of About Me, I said something about enjoying sleeping under the bellies of dinosaurs. I’m sure that left many of you wondering. So now I will explain.

I’m not a traditional person. In fact, the more different things are the better I like them. In 2006 my husband and I decided that we would take all the grandchildren out to eat on their birthdays. It was a fun thing to do. Of course, we aren’t able to do this with those that live out of state so when we went to Colorado that year we took the family out to eat.

The next year I wanted something more meaningful to happen. I chose to take each of the grandchildren to do something fun. I began the year by taking my three granddaughters who had birthdays during January and February to a play, Little Women. The next month I took two grandsons whose birthdays are less than a week apart to Thanksgiving Point to Dinosnorzzz to spend a night sleeping under the dinosaur. It really was fun and the floor wasn’t as bad as sleeping outside with rocks and sticks poking in your back.

We also saw a 3-D movie about sharks, and went on a tour of all the dinosaur exhibits. The boys dug in sand looking for dinosaur bones, dug in wet sand and built dams as they played with miniature dinosaurs. Before going to bed they went on a scavenger hunt following clues throughout the museum. The next day they built a dinosaur out of small pieces of wood, learned a paper craft, colored an egg, and did prep work in the Paleontology Lab drilling and making a fossil to take home.

During March I took two grandsons to see the movie Night at the Museum (about natural history exhibits coming to life). My husband and I took the next grandson to eat at the Red Lobster. The next one wanted to go to the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden for his birthday. It didn’t matter to him that it was outdoors and July. He wanted his picture taken in front of every dinosaur. I made an interesting sight as I ran from one to the other finding all the shade I could in between snapping pictures.

When the next granddaughter had her birthday I took her to see the princess skating across the ice during Disney on Parade. The next child chose to go to the Aquarium, then Jack and I took the next one to eat breakfast.

This year our family that lives in Colorado was coming so we decided to take the entire family, all 28 of us, to Lagoon while we were all together. It proved to be a fun day for all.
Now comes next year. I can’t even begin to imagine what new thing I can do. Does anyone have any ideas? Remember it can’t cost a fortune because I certainly don’t have enough money to take them all on a trip, but something inexpensive, fun and memorable would be good.

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Cindy Beck, author said...

You are such an adventurous person! I'm sure your grandkids love dong things with you because of it.

How about going to the zoo, the Hansen Planetarium, or Tracy Aviary with them?