Monday, October 13, 2008

About Me - Part 3

Since this blog is supposed to be about me I decided that maybe I should tell everyone something about myself. My given name is Connie and I was born on my grandparent’s farm, located on the canyon road in Spanish Fork, Utah. While a tiny infant I lived in my other grandparents home in Genola. Six months later we moved to Nevada on a mountain near Cherry Creek and lived in a tent. My mother tells about holding me while standing on a chair as my grandpa and father chased a skunk out of the tent. Another time a lizard was crawling across the ceiling. She watched it crawling and as it got over my crib she grabbed me as it was falling toward my bed. I still hate skunks and lizards.

Our next move was to Ely, Nevada. Later my parents bought a trailer and we moved between Ely and Magill. The next spring my father moved the trailer to Spanish Fork behind the home where I was born. Later that year they moved the trailer back to Genola so my dad could help work on the farm there. Before winter he moved the trailer to Orem, and my dad worked in a service station with his brother. The following year they moved the trailer to Salt Lake on 2700 South State.

They sold the trailer the next year and we moved to Santaquin. Our next home was in Payson and then we moved to Salt Lake on Richards Street between 7th and 8th south. Next we lived in Mount Pleasant for a couple of months before moving to Ephraim. Then we moved to Orem at 486 Emery Street. We actually stayed there for three years before moving back to Spanish Fork. Our stay there was longer – 8 years. After I graduated from High School my parents moved our family to Kearns. If you have been counting there are 17 places that I lived between my birth and age 18. I wonder if this qualifies me as a gypsy.

I know you are wondering why we moved so much. I don’t know for sure. My dad was a good man and always had a job because he was a top notch mechanic. Many times the jobs he did were to help out his family. We weren’t rich, but we never went hungry and we always had clothing to wear and a roof over our heads. I’ve never wished for a different dad, because he was the very best. He never raised his voice at any of us, and we laughed as we worked. He taught us good principles and excellent values.

I do sometimes wonder if my moving around so much as a child has instilled in me a desire to always want to go somewhere else. Traveling gives me lots of satisfaction. There is a great big beautiful world out there and I wish I could see everything there is to see. Every mountain, tree, and river is different. God’s creations are marvelous and I want to see it all.


Cindy Beck, author said...

Fun stuff to know! And I never realized you were born on your grandparent's farm. That certainly makes your birth unique.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Rachelle Christensen said...

Holy cow! I moved once from birth to age 18 and that move was only about 15 miles.