Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Book Review

Late Saturday evening I posted this book review but by Sunday it disappeared. I'm going to try doing this again.

All That Was Promised by Vickie Hall was an easy read for me. I loved this book from the very first page.

The story starts out with a Mormon missionary, Ben Lachlan, preaching to Richard Kenyon, a Methodist minister, who soon finds himself questioning his lifes work. His wife isn't sure she wants her husband to go down this new path.

I could tell that Vickie did lots of research. I have been to Cardiff and in reading this book it brought back many scenes I remembered from my visit. All of her characters came to life and seemed like real people to me.

This book is full of lots of action, mystery, and love stories. The persecution the early saints in Wales had to endure when they joined this new church is amazing. I'm sure it would test anyone almost more than one can imagine. Every chapter had a new challenge. I love historical fiction and this book was no exception. I had a hard time putting it aside and wanted to read even when I was supposed to be working. The only disappointing thing for me was that it ended. I wanted it to continue.

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Mary Ann said...

Interesting review. I have to put this on my tbr list. My husband's great grandfather was Captain Dan Jones who served a couple of missions to Wales.