Monday, May 10, 2010

Monster Concert

Lately, I’ve been telling you about different book that I just read, but today I want to tell you about an amazing concert I attended on Saturday evening. It was the 2010 Monster Concert, held at the Libby Gardner Concert Hall at the University of Utah. I love all kinds of music and I’ve attended many concerts every year.

As soon as I walked in, I knew this was different from any concert I have ever attended before. On the stage were 13 pianos. Now picture this picture 12 more times. That's how many piano's there were.

Then I scanned the program. It wasn’t about Beethoven and Bach. Instead, it was music from the 70’s. The music I was going to hear was from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. There was even disco music. One of my favorite songs played was Dancing Queen.

During some of the songs, every piano was in use. When they performed, After The Love Has Gone, they used only seven pianos with fourteen piano players, two at each piano. This concert only lasted a little over one hour, but I was enjoying it enough they could have gone on for many more hours.

With all the challenges going on in my personal life right now, this was a lifesaver for me. I needed a night to just relax and enjoy something worthwhile and uplifting. Too often, I fail to take the time to enjoy an evening listening to one of the better things in life, good, clean music.

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