Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where has the Summer Gone?

I’ve been negligent this past month and have failed to write my blog. Of course, there are always excuses. Mine is that within the past 30 days my mother has been in the ER twice. The last time, they omitted her to the hospital for a couple of days. My husband was also in the ER for most of one day. They are both home and doing well. I also spent 3 days out of town visiting friends.

This summer has certainly passed by quickly for me. I’ve not done half the things I had planned, and now it’s too late. The summer started off bad with me having to spend a week recovering from pneumonia. One good thing was that in July my son and his family came from Colorado to visit. We were able to have family pictures taken, and the entire family spent a fun day at Lagoon riding the rides and getting wet.

August has been busier than normal with something to do every weekend. I always wonder why I plan so much when I’m so busy. When you work outside the home weekends are usually the only time you have to do things around the house. Since this hasn’t happened things are starting to pile up.

Most of the things I’ve done involve family and friends. We visited friends for a couple of days, went to a new temple open house in Idaho, then on to a family reunion, had dinner with my writing friends, and even attended a wedding. Next we go to another family reunion, and a family swimming party. I get to attend the Temple with a friend on Saturday morning, and the following Saturday I’m excited to attend another Temple with my niece. I’m so excited that these two special people in my life have chosen this path.

Hope you have had a wonderful summer.

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